9AM | Jeff the Hippy*^! (A smoky surfy mellow adventure)
10AM| Democracy Now (political news)
11:30 AM | ​Cosmic Knowledge (Mysteries of the Universe with Deathstar & Jeff the Hippy)# ^
12PM | Space Patrol (Sci-Fi Drama. Circa 1950-55)%
12:30PM | Tales of the Texas Rangers (Classic Western. Circa 1950-52)%
1PM | Crunchy Cowgirl^+! (Vintage Country)
3PM | Sam’s Tune Up (Rock/Americana/Roots/Other – a rebroadcast of Wednesday’s show) ^+
6PM |  Otto’s Evening Jam @ (In house Automaton)
8PM | The Hip-Hop Time Machine (weekly trip through time & rhyme 80s – present)^