The Nothing New Show

Saturdays 4PM – 7PM

Your Host: Tommy (T-Bone) Wagner

I’m shown here with my wife Cindy (AKA C-Bone), who was greatly responsible for me doing this show.

Much of my early life was spent with the blues while playing in the Detroit Blues Band from 1976 through to 1999. There were many variations of the band which are represented in the photos below. The one constant in the band’s life was good blues, ranging from deep south roots blues to the electronic blues of the sixties and beyond. Whatever the band’s make up at the time, we all had the passion to present the blues with our own sound while presenting the genre to new audiences.

Although the blues were important to me, I always had an interest in listening to many styles and artists, largely due to my large record collection. This show is my way to share some of the older music – some of which you may be familiar with and some that may be new to you. I draw from over 1,000 LPs collected over the years, with an ear towards unique songs from the past. Some with good production values, some not-so-good – but all worth a listen.

I hope you stop by and give a listen. Also, please make any comments or suggestions.

Below are some photos from the past highlighting the Detroit Blues Band

Detroit Blues Band Roll Call

1976 – 1979: Left to right – Tommy (T-Bone) Wagner, Emmanuel Garza, Bob Rabaut, Steve Spitzley, Wayne Bakalar, Garfield Angove (deceased)

1980 to 1985: Left to right – Bob Rabaut, Brian O’Keefe, Mickey McKenzie, Joe Kubert (deceased), Emmanuel Garza, Tommy (T-Bone) Wagner

1985 to 1987: Left to right – Joe Kubert (deceased), Emmanuel Garza, Bob Conner, Tommy (T-Bone) Wagner, Bob Rabaut

1987 to 1994: Left to right – Jim McCarty, Tommy (T-Bone) Wagner, Emmanuel Garza, Billy Landless (deceased), Bob Rabaut

1994 to 1999: Left to right – Billy Landless (deceased), Emmanuel Garza, Michael Marsac, Tommy (T-Bone) Wagner

Currently, I am playing with the Stone Soup Band and The Jukes. We offer a wide selection of music from jazzy takes on old standards to blues to full out rock-n-roll.

Stone Soup – 2000 to present: Russell (Mombo) Lociacono, Pat Grendon, Tommy (T-Bone) Wagner, Greg Jaks

The Jukes – 2000 to Present: Left to right – Clay Rabaut, Vince Rabaut, Tommy (T-Bone) Wagner, Bob Rabaut, Sam Shermataro

Special thanks to Sam Shermataro, my Technical Consultant from Diversified Computer Services, Doug Dely from Mania Interactive for website help, and my lovely wife Cindy, who is my Chief Executive Producer.