You can hear the legendary Thomas E Boy Thursday from 2pm – 4pm, Friday 2pm – 4pm and Saturday 11AM – 1pm

The Private Club is Thursday 4pm – 7pm Mudlake Slim and The Long Hair Nephew

A wide range of music and anything is possible. WTF is your voice of reason in the fractured media landscape. If you are out of range you can hear us online with an innerweb machine.


FM radio is a miracle of modern science and we just love it. Tune in and tune in often to find out why.

For the most recent information on these or any of the other fine programs on WTF please refer to the WXTF-LP Facebook page. If you have a comment, request or suggestion drop us a line at: harrisvilleradio@gmail.com If you realized that Tom doesn’t have a phone and you have a message for him feel free to use this same email address. We will have the Tom E Boy Inner Web Message Server 9000 up and running once we identify the unusual magnetic disturbances which occur near the ranch.

alconites frozen to preserve freshness

I would have to say that the “Spring Into Summer Expo” was a success when you consider that it was cloudy, 37 degrees and hundreds of people in attendance. We would have froze out and gave up early but Eddie Ducatti provided some tasty and much appreciated Alcona Coffee. We gave away a whole bunch of WTF stickers and got rid of some left-over Halloween candy. Everybody we talked to is excited about the station coming to town.

Spring into summer expo

Meet Tom E Boy and Mudlake Slim this Saturday, April 26 2014 at the ARA Site in Lincoln, MI. The Spring Into Summer Expo starts at 9:00am but we’ll be there before the chickens get up waiting for you. This is a great way to find out more about Harrisville’s next big thing… WxTF-LP 97.9. If you are a curious listener or eager to join the broadcast team stop by and check us out at the WxTF-LP booth. The ARA site is easy to find, just go to the Kris Mart in Lincoln and look across the street…. you found it. See you there.

The Alconites: Tom E Boy & Mudlake Slim

Preparations are being made to provide Harrisville and the surrounding area with a relevant local FM radio station that will broadcast on 97.9Mhz. Testing will begin soon and full programming will commence on May 1, 2014. Stay tuned…….